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  • 形態: 無料ライフスタイルマガジン
  • 発行: COMM PTE LTD
  • 創刊: 1997年7月(前身)
  • 発行部数: 毎号20,000部(月4万部)
  • 発行日: 毎月第1、第3木曜日(隔週発行)
  • 版型: A4変形判(天地300mm×左右220mm)中綴じ
  • ページ数: 60〜80頁
シンガポール在住日本人 35,963人 (2015年10月)
*データ元: 財務省海外在住邦人数
日経企業 約2,000社 (内ICCI登録者数 854社・個人2015年12月)
*データ元: シンガポール日本商工会議所
日本人会 個人 5,266人 (日本人国籍保持者) 法人 759社 *データ元: シンガポール日本人会
日本人観光客 824,741人 (2014年)
*データ元: シンガポール政府観光局
日本人駐在員 ビジネスマン/OL


  • 明治屋スーパーマーケット
  • 紀伊国屋書店(リャンコート店)
  • 伊勢丹スーパーマーケット(スコッツ店・ジュロン ウェストゲート店)
  • シンガポール日本人会
  • アルビレックス新潟シンガポール

主要な配布先リストは こちら からご覧ください。(2016年5月現在)

About J+PLUSJ+PLUSについて

Infusing Plus+ factors to your overseas life
No.1 recognized Japanese media in Singapore

  • Media Form: Total Lifestyle Magazine (FREE circulation)
  • Publisher: COMM PTE LTD
  • Established: July, 1997
  • Circulation: 20,000 every issue (40,000 per month)
  • Publication Day: 1st & 3rd Thursday every month (Bi-weekly)
  • Size: H 300mm × W 220mm
  • Pages: Approx. 60 to 80
  • Language: Japanese
The magazine appeals to all Japanese living in Singapore regardless of their age and gender with a wide range of contents ranging from food, beauty, health, education, sport and business.
Each issue has a special features based on editorial direction; source of inspiration, need of improvement and celebration of life moments, with exclusive interviews and column articles of celebrities and influencers. J+PLUS is published by COMM Group, the leading multi media company in Asia. Distributed FREE island wide, the magazine has the largest number of pages and circulation in Singapore.
Target Readers
Japanese expats in Singapore 35,963 (as of Oct 2015)
*Based on data from the annual statistics report
of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
Japanese companies 2,000(estimated) (854 companies registered with JCCI as of Dec 2015)
*Based on data from Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Singapore.
Japanese Association Individual members 5,266 Corporate members 759 *Based on data from The Japanese
Association, Singapore
Japanese tourists 824,741 (as of 2014)
*Based on data from Singapore Tourism Board
Singaporeans who are learning Japanese language
and interested in Japanese culture
Distribution Points

J+PLUS is distributed more than 500 places in Singapore, including the following major distribution points:

  • MEIDI-YA Supermarket
  • KINOKUNIYA Book Store, Liang Court branch
  • ISETAN Supermarket (Scotts branch, Jurong West Gate branch)
  • The Japanese Association, Singapore

Copies are also distributed to most restaurants, beauty salons, condominiums, major Japanese companies in Singapore. Our partner, moving company, CROWNLINE distributes J+PLUS to newly arrived Japanese expats.
For the list of the all distribution points, please refer to it from this link.
(as of May 2016)

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