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Tanabata Festival(日本の七夕祭り)

Toy Day(クリスマス)

Turkey Day(感謝祭)




 このゲームは、人々にSDGsの「多様性」についても教えてくれます。「あつ森」を始めるとき、肌の色が選べます。最近、ニンテンドーは黒人の肌の色とヘアスタイルをゲームに加えました。2012年に発売された前作「とびだせ どうぶつの森」には明るい肌色しかありません。もし肌色を変えたいなら、日焼けしかできません。多くの人はニンテンドーが肌色を増やしたことを賞賛しました。そして、黒人は、そんな有名なゲームに「represented」されたと、とても喜んでいるそうです。コロナ禍、このゲームのおかげで世界中の人々は国境を越え、人種を超えてつながりました。ぜひ皆さんもお試しください。

Learn about the SDGs at Atssere Dobu-no-Mori and create a society free of discrimination. Even those who don’t play games will have heard of “Dobu-no-Mori”. This game is a life simulation game developed by Nintendo. You can do various things in the game. For example, you can catch insects, you can fish, and you can put flowers and furniture to clean your island. As soon as “Atsere Dobu-no-Mori”, released on March 20, 2020, was released, it was sold out immediately. “Atsumi” is not an ordinary game. Instead of just enjoying the game, there are educational benefits such as increased awareness of gender, race, culture, etc. If you’ve read this article, you’re like, “How? You may hear. Let’s take a go. First of all, there is no gender discrimination. There are a lot of people who are afraid to wear clothes of the same sex because they can be criticized in the real world. However, in “Atsumi”, women can wear men’s clothes, and men can wear women’s clothes. For example, I am a woman, but I like the design of men’s haori, so I often wear it in games. ��� men wear women’s dresses, kimonos, gowns, etc. It may seem trivial, but it has a big impact. On top of that, there are also ad-sex hairstyles and clothes. “Atsumi” blurred the gender line between men and women. This game also teaches people about the “diversity” of the SDGs. When you start “Atsmori”, you can choose the color of your skin. Recently, Nintendo added black skin color and hairstyle to the game. Released in 2012, the previous work “Tobudese Dobu-no-Mori” has only a bright skin color. If you want to change your skin color, you can only get sunburned. Many praised Nintendo for increasing its skin color. And black people are very happy to be “reprepressed” by such a famous game. Corona ravages, thanks to this game, people all over the world have crossed borders and connected across races. Please give it a try.