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 去年、LGBTQコミュニティーに対する支持を表す旗をレジの横に置くことに不満だったある男性がいました。その人は、店から旗を取り上げて、店員に投げつけた上に、店員をののしりました。ニュースを読んで、がっかりしました。なぜかというと、あまりにも無礼だからです。 自分と違う性的指向の人を認められなくても、悪口を言ったり乱暴なことをしたりしてはいけません。嬉しいことに、店のオーナーがこの無礼な行為の録画をフェイスブックに載せた後で、注目が集まって、たくさんのシンガポール人が店を支持してあげました。



「Pink Dot」YouTube映像より

Colorful Singapore
Turn your head and look around you. What colours did you notice? It’s colourful and beautiful, right? Each color has its charm and it’s beautiful when they’re combined. If each person were to represent a different color, wouldn’t we create a beautiful world? However, Singapore, known for people of different races living together harmoniously, has yet to create such a colourful and beautiful society. Till today, it remains a fact that the LGBTQ community has been suffering from a myriad of abuse and discrimination, ranging from bullying to verbal assault. Unfortunately, people who express support for the LGBTQ community are also discriminated against.

Recently, there was a man who was displeased that a rainbow flag, which represents support for the LGBTQ community, was placed next to a shop’s cash register. He removed the flag, threw it towards an employee and verbally abused her. I was disappointed after reading the news. Why? It’s because the man’s actions are beyond rude. We should never verbally or physically abuse someone even if we’re unable to accept that their sexual orientation is different from us. To my relief, many Singaporeans showered the shop with support after its owner uploaded a CCTV footage of the man’s outrageously rude behaviour on Facebook.

In order to create a Singapore that recognizes and accepts diverse sexual orientations, it is important and essential to not only legalise same-sex marriage, but also for each of us to respect the LGBTQ community. Let’s refrain from verbally abusing and bullying the LGBTQ community, and nurture our children to respect people who are different from them. Shall we grab colour pencils and draw a colourful Singapore together?