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シンガポール国立大学(NUS)語学教育研究センター(CLS)LAJ4203 Newspaper Readingの日本語履修生が日本語で様々なトピックを綴ります。英語翻訳の続きはこちらでご覧いただけます。


「Test, Trace, Isolate(検査、追跡、隔離)」、それは、新型コロナウイルスが今のように拡大するずっと前、WHOが各国に出したアドバイスだった。短時間で感染者がどこで誰と接触したか調べる追跡システムは、どの国においても不可欠と言えるだろう。シンガポールの場合だと、「TraceTogether」が、それに当たる。


皆もう コロナ対策の一環として重要な「TraceTogether」を使うことにすっかり馴染んだと思うが、最近そのアプリによる個人データ侵害のリスクに関して、人々は意識し始めた。「TraceTogether」は感染を抑える追跡能力を持つと同時に、そのデータの利用によりプライバシーを侵害する恐れもある。そんな不安を抱えている国民のため、追跡データの使用を重大な犯罪に絞ることに法律で決められた。「TraceTogether」のデータはコロナの追跡にしか利用すべきではないと主張する人もいたが、誘拐や殺人のような重大なケースでも全然使わないことは被害者とその家族にとって残酷に違いないと政府に反論された。それは理解できるが、皆、怖がってアプリを使わなくなったら、それこそ逆効果になる。プライバシーと犯罪追跡、両者のどこで線引きしたらいいだろうか。社会のため、どこまで自分のプライバシーを開示できるかを調べるため、市民大会を開いて人々の意見を聞いたらどうだろうか。皆が納得した上で、個人情報の法律を定めるべきだ。

Growing Concern on Privacy and Crime Investigations

“Test, Trace, Isolate” was the advice of the World Health Organization(WHO) to countries long before the widespread of COVID-19. According to studies, even when infected people do not show any clear symptoms, they are still capable of spreading the virus to a certain extent. This shows that a system which is able to quickly identify people who may have come into contact with the infected is of the utmost importance to every country. In the case of Singapore, TraceTogether is the key to the problem.

I think most people living in Singapore now must have already installed TraceTogether in their phone, for those who do not own a phone, they would also have received the TraceTogether token. Previously, I did not subscribe to any data plan, for the sake of using it, I have started the subscription.

Most people would have already got used to the use of TraceTogether as part of the strategy to combat COVID-19. However, there is a growing concern of the violation of personal data due to TraceTogether. While tracing is the key to control the spread, some people are worried about the possible privacy violation from the data that TraceTogether is collecting. Hence, the Singapore government has decided to legislate in order to limit the use case of the data to only the investigations of serious crimes. While some people argued that the use of the data from TraceTogether should be strictly limited to contact tracing, the government said that it is cruel to the victims and their families to not use the data at all in the cases of serious crimes like abduction and murder. Indeed, the government does have a very good point, however, it defeats the purpose if the people refuse to use it out of fear. How should we draw the line between privacy and crime investigations then? A town hall meeting could be set up to consult the people on their opinions of the data privacy problem. After the citizens are satisfied, it is only then the time to make the law.