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日本の流行語を英語でご紹介! ちょっとした英語の勉強。是非、英語で日本の文化を広めてみて!

ねとめし Netomeshi



‘ねとめし’ refers to food or dishes that have been popularized through the internet. Using simple ingredients that can be easily found at the supermarket , what makes these recipes special is the creative combination of ingredients. Ever tried using beer to fry rice with chicken? Or perhaps eating toast bread with sliced pear topped with maple syrup? These pairings may sound peculiar, but they surprisingly turn out to be delicious combinations.


Another example is the popular ‘桃モッツアレラ’ , which is prepared using peach, mozzarella cheese and other garnishes. Also, these dishes are fairly simple, making it a perfect quick fix meal for amateur cooks. If you are feeling adventurous, these unconventional dishes may just be the thing for you.